Complimentary Inclusions

Traditional Kava Welcome Ceremony

Welcome Drink and Foottrub

All day bottled water, french press coffee and selection of teas

Snorkeling on the house reef (gear included), 

Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle, Volleyball, Hiking

Weekly Chef's cooking demonstration (Mondays)

Weekly Village visit and traditional meke performance (Wednesdays)

Weekly Coconut & Pina Colada show (Fridays)

Wifi in the Main Pavilion Restaurant & Bar

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Upgrade to Ultimate Gourmet

Upgrade to Ultimate Gourmet for an all inclusive dining experience.  Ultimate Gourmet includes full breakfast, two-course lunch, three-course dinner, as well as our snacks and picnic menusPlease note that Ultimate Gourmet does not include any beverages. Complimentary beverages at the resort include bottled water, french-press coffee and tea. 

Sample Dining menus with a la carte prices (USD including tax)

USD$120 (AUD$158) per person per night (13 years+), USD$60 (AUD$78) per person per night (3-12 years). If chosen, Ultimate Gourmet must be added for all persons in the villa for every night of their stay.  

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Upgrade to Ultimate Experiences

Upgrade to Ultimate Experiences to join our daily signature experiences (determined each day by the resort based on the prevailing weather, tides, all experiences on the weekly schedule with a * are included in the upgrade to Ultimate Experiences)

Sample Weekly Experiences Schedule

  • Rainbow Reef guided snorkel tour 
  • Kioa Beach castaway day
  • Hidden Beach castaway day
  • Kioa snorkel tour
  • Nukuni snorkel tour (Palette and Christmas Reefs)
  • Taveuni Insider day trip including Bouma Waterfalls, Natural Waterslides and Dateline
  • Night snorkel on Nukuni house reef
  • Manta Ray snorkel tour (seasonal May - October and tide dependent)
  • Dukunibar hike to water pools and Red Rock Beach (November - March and tide dependent)

USD$63 (AUD$83) per adult (18+) per night.  USD$31 (AUD$41) per child (3-17 years) per night. If chosen, Ultimate Experience must be added for all nights of your stay. It does not need to be added for all persons in the villa but it is not transferrable between persons.

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Upgrade to Ultimate Bar

Upgrade to Ultimate Bar for all inclusive beverages during your stay.  Enjoy unlimited selections of the following beverages from the bar at any time or have them stocked in your minibar:

  • All non-alcoholic beverages (including soft drinks, fresh and bottled juices, cappuccino, latte, espresso, smoothies, cocktails, etc)
  • Breakfast Cocktails (Bloody Mary and Mimosa)
  • Local Beers (Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter, Fiji Premium, Vonu)
  • House White, Red and Sparkling Wines
  • The Cocktail of the Day (see blackboard at the bar each day)

Sample Bar Menu with prices (USD including tax)

If chosen, the upgrade to Ultimate Bar must be purchased for every person in the villa for every night of their stay. Alcoholic beverages are for persons 18 years+

USD$63 (AUD$83) per person per night (18 years+), USD$31 (AUD$41) per person per night (3-17 years)

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Upgrade to Ultimate Spa

Upgrade to Ultimate Spa for an all inclusive spa experience during your stay.  Ultimate Spa offers you up to one 60 minute spa treatment per day of your choice.

Spa Menu with prices (USD including tax)

USD$45 (AUD$59) per person, per night.  If chosen, Ultimate Spa must be purchased for every night of your stay and is transferrable amongst persons in the same villa.

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